eReserve News

eReserve readings unavailable on the 31st December 2016!
To meet Copyright requirements, eReserve readings will be unavailable in Primo for 24 hours from 30 December 2016. If you try to access your eReserve readings during this time, either through Primo or Interact2 links, you will get the following error message advising you of the temporary take down: 
Don't worry though, your readings will be restored on the 1 January, 2017, a special new years gift from your friendly Librarians! If you are planning to study during this period, please print or download your readings prior to the take down on December 30th.

No other Library resources will be affected. eBooks, e-journals and database material will be available as usual. If you have any queries, please email the Librarian, Learning Resources on: