Save your Primo information Part 2: Loans History

Primo Search is being upgraded. Currently, Primo keeps a list of the last 200 items you have borrowed from the Library.
Loans History data will not be migrated to the new version of Primo. If you wish to retain a copy of this information, please do so before 19 June.

If you wish to retain a record of items that you have borrowed in the past, you will need to copy your Loans History and paste it into an Excel or Numbers (Mac) document.


To save your Loans History

  1. Login to Primo Search
  2. Click on My Library Record
  3. Click on Loans History
  4. Highlight the required records
  5. Copy selected text using Ctrl + C (Windows) or Command + C (Mac)
  6. Paste selection into Excel table into cell A1
  7. Save Excel / Numbers (Mac) file
select Loans History

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