Library and Information Week 2012

eBook Collections

As part of the series of posts about interesting non-book related resources to celebrate Think Outside the Book, today's focus is on eBook collections.

What is an eBook?

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines e-book as an electronic version of a printed book. In simpler terms, an eBook is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and readable on computers and most other electronic devices. Equivalent of a conventional printed book, an e-book can and do exist without any printed equivalent.

eBooks are a convenient and flexible way to access information where you want it, when you want it. Choose from the hundreds of titles available from the Library with no waiting period and no overdue fines. One aspect to note is eBooks from the Library collections can only be downloaded and accessed for a limited period, typically 1-7 days, after which time you will need to download the book again. However, there is no limit to the number of times you download a particular eBook.

The Library has purchased almost 20,000 and subscribes to over 70,000 eBooks (March 2012). And each week 100's of new titles are added to the collection. For new titles added over recent weeks, check our New Titles page.

The two largest eBook collections available from the library are EBL and ebrary.  The eBooks from these collections can be read online using a web browser on a tablet (for example, iPad and Safari browser), or downloaded and read using the free Adobe Digitals Editions (ADE) application or equivalent on a computer.

In addition, there is a page on Open Access eBook collections, where all users have free access to electronic texts available on the Internet.

For links to, and more information on, the various eBook collections the Library subscribes to, see our eBook Collections page. And for some tips on how to search for eBooks in Primo Search, watch our short online tutorial: Finding books and eBooks.

See the CSU Library website for more details.

Enjoy the Library and Information Week 2012 - Think Outside the Book.