Primo/SFX and Ovid databases link error

When trying to access an article from Ovid databases via Primo (or SFX), if you get an error message (e.g. the full text record could not be located) in the database link page, there are few options for a workaround.
  1. Clear the boxes in SFX so that the link doesn’t go directly to the article and instead goes to the journal level. Then select the volume/issue you want.
  2. If the first option does not work, go back into Primo. Search by the journal title, locate it in SFX, and go to the journal level in the database to get to the article. 
  3.  If both options fail, go directly to the database (where the article is located) and search the article title to get to the article.
Note: The Library has noticed error messages are mostly occurring when article located in Primo is being linked to Ovid databases. Primo/SFX makes the link using a DOI. Within the same publication in Ovid, the newer articles have a DOI and the link works, but links to older articles from this publication fails in the absence of a DOI.

Library apologizes for the inconvenience caused and is working to rectify this at the earliest.

Please contact the library if there are any issues.Contact details are located at: